Panasonic EM-2800 Microphone

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  • Panasonic Microphone | EM-2800 | Directional Shotgun
  • Designed for super sound recording with high sensitivity and minimal sound
  • Comes with mounting boom systems (standard pole) jack adapter and foam
  • Sensitivity -45dB short distance, long-distance -38dB. Frequency response 100-16Khz, 120dB
  • High ambient noise, the distance or near

Panasonic em-2800

If you are looking for a microphone that can record high ambient noise, this microphone is the best choice for you. It comes with a mounting boom system jack adapter and foam. This condenser microphone can make super sound recordings with minimal sound and high sensitivity.


It offers 40 to 16500 Hz audio frequency which is ideal for video camera interview and recording. The microphone has a 3.5mm jack, and you can connect it easily with a PC or DSLR. It is one of the ideal microphones for YouTubers for funny videos or any interview-type videos.


Panasonic em-2800 microphone price in Bangladesh

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Unidirectional microphone
electret condenser cardioid super,
equipped with standard XLR connector,
the integrated switcher can choose tele or normal function,
sensitivity 66dB short distance, long-distance 50dB sensitivity,
frequency response 80-13Khz, 120dB maximum input,
battery: 1.5 V (AA) or AA battery
Dimensions 360mm long x 21mm diameter, weight 175 grams.